The Internet is the new trade fair

As in the consumer market, purchase decisions in the B2B field are shaped by on-line research. Many companies underestimate this information search, focusing their sales and marketing activities exclusively on traditional channels such as trade fairs. But the Internet has already been the new trade fair for a long time now. Just to have a web-site is no longer sufficient. In the B2B area potential clients are gathering information from the moving image such as webinars; they are systematically searching for information from infographics and are reading specialist journals in the net. If you have first-class content you reach these customers during this information-gathering process and, in the best case, make the first contact at the same time. In this context we are talking about Leadgeneration 2.0 – the good thing about this is that you are not just providing information to future customers and your ability to influence them in their purchase-decision, but you are also able to process their contact data further at the same time. Conversely, it means that marketing strategies will also fundamentally change also in the business context. People are now talking about the “zero moment of truth”. This is having a major influence on the purchase decision, as described in the video. Convince yourself:
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