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Just imagine if...

your marketing team knew exactly who found your products and solutions interesting and how these people could be reached. But not just that. Your sales team also knows who is truly interested in buying, whether a budget has been allocated for the purchase and whether the person in question is a decision-maker in his or her company. The deal is practically only a phone-call away. You save time and distribution costs and significantly increase your closure rates, particularly in the case of products requiring a significant amount of guidance.

Does this already sound too good to be true? But this is exactly what Lead Generation can do for you!

The Lead Portfolio of Vogel Business Media provides the right format for your modern B2B on-line marketing for every objective.

How does lead generation work?


We use white papers and webinars as a proven tool for lead generation. However, depending on the product, other types of content are possible which also require registration before access, for example software test versions.

White papers in detail

whitepapersA white paper is a document which examines topics offering excellent potential solutions and value in use for the reader.

The content can be, for instance, case studies, the findings of analyses or market research, technology studies, best practices or check lists.

The essential point here is that the more neutral, solution-oriented and less sales-oriented the content, the more frequently it is down-loaded by the target group.

Webinars in detail

webinar2A webinar is the digital counterpart of a face-to-face event. The biggest advantage of the on-line event is that participants can be anywhere in the world. The speaker and participants meet in a virtual conference room.

In a webinar you reach your target group “live” and can give quite specific answers to questions. For a period of about an hour you have the opportunity of speaking about your subject and interacting with participants. A recording is available after the webinar is over so that lead generation can continue free from both time and geographical constraints.

Our webinars offer you many different possibilities of interacting with your target group:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Speakers are superimposed by webcams
  • Interaction by chat facility
  • Surveys
  • Download area
  • The presentation of images


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