Interview with Kerstin Zubke of SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH

Kerstin Zubke / SHD
Kerstin Zubke / SHD
What made you book the campaign and why did you decide to go with Vogel Business Media? The Marketing Departments of system houses in the SME range are often marketing oriented because of the fierce competition in the IT market. As the channel partner of many global IT manufacturers we sometimes undertake joint campaigns. However, these are not modeled on an “EMEA template” but are individually planned with the partner in question. These campaigns generate leads which result in new clients. Personally, I always try to offer the client some added-value through technical and real life content, for example specialist presentations from clients and experts at events. The SHB white papers are, for instance, written by the relevant specialist consultants. They convey a lot of know-how and particularly practical knowledge – independently of any particular manufacturer. Vogel IT-Medien GmbH offers an outstanding format with its white paper campaigns. We reach our target population by using the various portals, for example DataCenter-Insider, and the selection facilities. This is where IT decision-makers research specific topics and solutions.   How satisfied were you with the advice you received from our Sales Area? The wide spectrum which IT Marketing Departments must cover demands a certain flexibility from service-providers. A call to the account manager after a specific offer must suffice and be made within a very short period. This is where it is a big advantage to have the same contact person over several years – a contact person who knows what the client needs. This has always worked extremely well with Vogel-IT Medien GmbH.   How did you find the customer-care before and during the campaign? Regular reporting and coordination during a campaign for optimization purposes are a matter of course for Vogel IT-Medien GmbH.   Did the outcome of the campaign meet your expectations and what suggestions can you make for improvements? It is clear that not every user who is researching a subject or solution on a topic needs action at the same time. White papers are also read just for general interest or are saved for the future. One idea would be to specifically ask about the requirement so as to save time for both the provider and the client. However, it is always pleasant to thank the client in this context and ask for feedback, but often time is too short for this.  
Kerstin Zubke is Marketing Manager of SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH
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