Interview with Achim B.C. Karpf, Managing Director of NetPress – a content marketing agency

Achim B. C. Karpf / Netpress
Achim B. C. Karpf / NetPress
What were your reasons for booking the campaign and why did you decide to go with Vogel Business Media? As the content and inbound marketing agency for ITK we are always looking for professional platforms we can use for mutually successful campaigns for our clients. It is important for us to place suitable content where it falls on fertile ground. This sounds simpler that it actually is and requires a clear strategy. We always find the right environment at Vogel Business Media because the editors do an excellent job. Content can therefore reach potential clients, impress them and turn them from potential clients into actual clients. In this process it is particularly important that the content not only looks good but that it is of the highest quality. What do you mean by content quality? The client must be able to find quality content for the particular point in the customer journey that he has reached. The content must be very relevant to the challenges the customer is facing and offer the right solutions. For American IT companies this is a hurdle which must not be under-estimated in Germany. Are the differences in the way clients must be approached in the USA and Germany really so great? They are very great indeed. A German decision-maker expects greater depth than is offered in American white papers and case studies. Also, here in Germany more aspects of the content are generally needed before the client is “ready”. The key point in the development of the content is the story which picks up one or two pain points being experienced by the client and discusses them. Cultural differences are also to be found here. The trick is to think your way into the clients’ heads in order to develop a story which doesn’t just interest them but also motivates them to become active and contact the solution-provider. How happy were you with the advice by our sales people and how did you find the customer-care before and during the campaign? We have known the team for many years and we have been through many campaigns together. Flexibility, speed and professionalism are not just talk at Vogel – they are really “lived” by your staff. We know that the consultants are “old hands” in the business who know your portals and readers very well. Did the outcome of the campaign meet your expectations? What’s important for us is not just the content quality but also the quality of the leads which are generated. The last 10 years have shown that leads from telemarketing campaigns have a much lower quality that web-generated leads – if the web marketing is done properly. But with Vogel all goes exceptionally well because customer focus and quality come first and foremost. The right strategy, the right mix and the right content in the right context impress the potential client and turn him into an actual client.  
Achim B.C. Karpf is Managing Director of NetPress GmbH
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