Optimal lead generation is the art of using the right bait in the right body of water at the right time.

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Why Lead Generation?

Just imagine if…

your marketing team knew exactly who found your products and solutions interesting and how these people could be reached. But not just that. Your sales team also knows who is truly interested in buying, whether a budget has been allocated for the purchase and whether the person in question is a decision-maker in his or her company. The deal is practically only a phone-call away. You save time and distribution costs and significantly increase your closure rates, particularly in the case of products requiring a significant amount of guidance.

Does this sound too good to be true? But this is exactly what Lead Generation can do for you!

The Lead Portfolio of Vogel Business Media provides the right format for your modern B2B on-line marketing for every objective.

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Media link people and markets

The basic idea of Carl Gustav Vogel when he founded the company in 1891 was “We want to give industry a platform for the exchange of direct marketing information.”

This maxim has been energizing Vogel Business Media right up to the present day and is indeed the basis for our wide spectrum of technical media. This is where over 10 million decision-makers and managers in over 100 countries – your potential customers – gather their information.
Take advantage of the market access of Vogel Business Media to use your content to generate valuable leads for your company. By working together we reach the right person at the right time with the right message.

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From a first time lead user to a professional – we will be happy to assist you in your particular lead generation.

Optimal lead generation is the art of using the right bait in the right body of water at the right time. But the bait must be precisely suited to your needs.


Lead Transfer

Filtered visitors to your landing page You will attract attention in the market via a high-grade advertorial and its proactive distribution among your target group; you will also generate filtered visitors to your own web-site or landing page.



Lead Generator

Economically priced and without financial risk: make initial contact with prospective customers for your topics and use this for your additional marketing activities Use one of the white papers you have created to expand your contact pool rapidly and simply. You will be billed on a “cost per lead” basis.



Lead Campaign

Predictable and valuable: your white papers or webinars published on a specialist portal and promoted by means of accompanying activities; you obtain leads defined by a large number of criteria as well as an initial interest in your product.



Lead Solution

For the most demanding lead requirements: Lead campaigns customized to suit your target markets and target audience. You will receive filtered contacts upgraded to match your required features.



Lead Nurture

Rejuvenation for your data-base: After auditing your data-base we up-grade it with information which is relevant for you This uses a multi-stage process, a marketing automation system and tele-prospecting.


What do we mean by “lead”?

The term “lead” comes from the world of marketing and when applied to the sales area means a contactable potential buyer. A lead represents the first step towards a potential customer. In this case the potential buyer may have actively approached the supplier or have been approached by a company.

On-line lead generation

One way of generating on-line leads is content which is of value to the user but which can only be accessed after registration. In this connection, content for which prior registration is required can include such items as white papers, webinars, specialist articles or even competitions which offer the user value-added in one way or another. As the content is specifically tailored for the target group, there is a very good chance of the user becoming a customer at a later date.
B2B buyers are reached by means of inbound marketing at precisely the time when they are looking for a product or service. These potential customers are consequently more receptive to useful information and more frequently prepared to reveal their contact data – in other words to generate a lead. B2B portals are essential strategies for inbound lead generation.

Lead generation in the B2B market

Companies in the B2B area which are active in rapidly growing sectors and want to be successful in the market rely on the continuous generation of new B2B leads for their products and services. However, the generation of new contacts is a demanding process for some companies – a process which often creates major challenges for the entire sales and marketing team.
In order to keep up with the continually changing demands, it is also important to contact the web-savvy customers and business partners. Alongside classic means of communication and customer canvassing such as email, visits to trade fairs, the phone or letters, the generation of contacts using on-line lead generation is also playing an increasingly important role.

Products for B2B lead generation

As a company focused on B2B lead generation, we at Vogel Business Media GmbH & Co. KG would be happy to offer you the necessary platform to reach new potential customers via white papers and webinars on our B2B web-pages. We will also support you in the definition of your target group, the acquisition of contacts and the filtering of leads. We offer a number of different methods of lead generation and lead verification so that we can satisfy the specific wishes of our clients.

At the present time our product portfolio for lead generation in the B2B market consists of the following products:

Lead Transfer | Lead Generator | Lead Campaign | Lead Solution | Lead Nurture


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